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Hospital Information Management System (HIMS)

A best in class HIMS-ERP products provided through deployment of latest cutting edge technologies and applications that facilitates an efficient workflow and services for our Clients.

Pulmonary Nodule Management System (PNMS)

Enables special care of oncology patients by providing an end-to-end comprehensive workflow. Key features like recording Multidisciplinary team's findings and actions, attaching images, calculating risk probability, scheduling a follow-up plan and many more.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

HRMS is a comprehensive application which goes beyond the core payroll activity of administrating employees salaries in the organization. It transforms administrative tasks to enable a more streamlined workflow.


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Use with ease doctor workbench

Doctor Workbench module helps the physician in managing his daily activities such as viewing the list of patients, examining the patient, ordering of investigations, procedures, and drugs etc. The system follows the SOAP process (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan).

Doctors can view/record the chief complaints, family history, social history, allergies, history of present illness, HPI elements, review systems, and have specialty-specific physical examinations. The doctor workbench also automates and streamlines clinical pathways.

The doctor workbench has the ability to retrieve the complete record of patient encounters, it assists the doctors to improve the quality of care, lessen medical errors, provides quick access to information, and enhances workflow and productivity.

Multifunctional efficient front desk

One place to do all activities like capturing patient demographics, consultation details ,insurance details,viewing previous visits and billing the consultations all with just one click.

This screen allows to collect patient advance,refund, print invoice,print patient labels and print patient id.

Localization to any language that user preferred language,it impoves efficency of the user enhance reduce the patient waiting time allowing to register more patient in less time.


Clinical pathway for oncology

Pulmonary Nodule Management System -this products enables the special care of oncology patient like have to know the further MDT , next scan date , scan image and findings, further scans and final outcome of the patient

the system allows the physician to refer the patient from any department, capture patient demographics,view the patient profile marking patient for MDT (Multidisciplinary Team) discussion, capture scan details with findings.

it also helps physician to view risk probability like brock , hurder, volume doubling for different type of scans, allow to view PAC images directly in MDT discussion.

One screen for discussion with team.

A multidisciplinary team is a panel of specialists, with expertise in specific fields, who are brought together for each case. This panel of experts works in synergy, to ensure that comprehensive opinion is available, to guide each patient through diagnosis, treatment and recovery, and make sure that the patients who need several different therapies for treatment, receive advice on the ideal combination. This synergistic approach means that the patients benefit from the combined expertise of multiple cancer specialists.

this support to view patient profile along with all the scans with timeline, MDT discussed details with next scan and findings, it has a overall view of all patients in nodule pathway under surveillance and discharged.


Who we are

Algaeh Technologies Pvt Ltd stand for "algorithms in healthcare" is a company which was established for developing healthcare products. Its clinical pathways help the physicians to provide excellent patient care, taking utmost patient care and allowing them to do what they are best at.

We are a talented team of Techies and domain experts with best industry experience who bring value to the team. With more than a decade-long healthcare domain expertise with inputs from Consultants and expert in the industry that work day in and day out in the field along with a highly talented technical team who have huge experience in the Web Technologies strive to deliver a highly responsive, providing high end performance and scalable healthcare products that enable its users to do what they are best at and allow them to take acute patient care and follow up..

We Focus, serving the customer as a trusted partner with the utmost emphasis on making simple, comprehensive, easy, user-friendly product for the customers keeping in mind the customer satisfaction.


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